Established in 2016, JANA WIELAND was founded by Austrian born designer and model Jana Wieland.

JANA WIELAND offers inclusive and effortless women’s clothing, contributes to the humanization of the industry and combats the effects of fast fashion.

The Designer herself sets hand to the full process from pattern to prototype, the following production is honest, fair and small scale, run by young entrepreneurs in Ukraine. 

The label’s ethical intention is to let people discover that it is possible to wear great clothes that are also made in a honest and human way and paying attention to resource efficiency by including dead stock fabrics.

2018 the Label won the highest remunerated Fashion Award of the City of Vienna.
As fundamental part of the Austrian Fashion Szene JANA WIELAND is showcased in the respective MAK exhibition 2020.

Oversized looks and a fancy pyjama reference are recurring outlines of Jana Wieland’s collections. Bold and loose silhouettes that gently envelope the female body with elegance and buoyancy. 

The deliberate pattern making, that flatters diverse body types, is constantly evolved and adapted to the direct feedback of the customers. The collections can be worn and combined all year every year, offering an easy wardrobe for highly diverse occasions.

“If a two dimensional cut finally comes to life on a female body - thats the moment I work and live for. And almost every woman slipping into something Jana Wieland the first time gets surprised by how flattering the garments become on a body, considering how sculptural and unassuming they can look on a rack. “ - Jana Wieland on her designs.